3 of The Best Sports Cities to Visit

Some cities wouldn’t be what they are today without the support of their sports teams, and the teams wouldn’t be much without them either. The United States has cities like this all over the map, and it seems like every one of them has one thing in common: their love for the game.

With so many insane cities out there to visit, I thought I’d do you all a favor and list the three greatest. Now, let’s jump in and check out what makes these cities so special.


The only thing people from Boston love more than yelling at passing cars is their vast array of sports teams. This sports city has a long history with the wonderful sport of baseball, and a pretty new involvement in Football.

The Red Sox are a baseball team based out of the great city of Boston, and the team is so big there that you’d think the city was built off of it. Almost every street corner is complete with a vendor selling Boston Red Sox merchandise, and until the Patriots starting acting up in the world of professional football – that’s all you would be able to find.

The Patriots have been blowing up in popularity all over the country thanks to their super bowl wins and the people of Boston are starting to notice too. Seriously, you can’t walk more than twenty yards down the street without seeing a guy wearing a Brady jersey. Oh, and you can go see the freedom trail when you go visit if you’re interested – just don’t piss off anybody wearing a Brady jersey.

Los Angeles

LA is my personal favorite city for anything sports related – and that might have something to do with my state of origin, but it’s still how I feel about it regardless. The city of Los Angeles is home to an insane amount of people, which means you’re bound to find more than a few good sports teams there.

Just to name a few of the greats; Angels, Chargers, Ducks, Clippers, Los Angeles FC, and the LA Galaxy – all of which have a sea of fans to follow them into battle every time they heard that whistle. The people of LA are generally pretty friendly, but if you’re not used to city living – it can get a little overwhelming.

And while the sports teams are out of this world, the transportation systems in the city are burned garbage. You’ll need to grab a rented car if you want to get anywhere at all and even with one, you’ll probably still end up sitting in traffic for a couple of hours. It’s not the most ideal place to celebrate your team, but it’s sure as hell is exciting.


Houston is harboring some of the most dedicated fans the United States has ever seen. You’ve seen people in Philadelphia flipping cars and rioting throughout LA, but you’ve never seen fans quite as proud (and defensive) of their own teams.

When it comes to teams, Houston doesn’t have quite as many as LA. They have six professional sports teams, but only about three of them are decent enough to make the playoffs. For instance, the Texans, Astros, and Rockets are all Houston-based teams that have no problems winning, but on the other hand, you have teams like Dash and the Sabre Cats.

In terms of the city itself, you can expect good behavior and respect from the locals – just don’t start anything with them. You never know who’s packing heat. I mean, it’s still Texas after all.