Navigating a Fuckbuddy Relationship While on the Road


Meeting up with your new fuck buddy on the road and realizing soon after, that she’s not as great as she looks. Maybe she’s awkward or chatty, or maybe even mean. There’s no real way of knowing until you meet up, but finding out what kind of person your new partner is essential.

If you want other fuckbuddies to find out how great you really are, come with me and we will figure out exactly what the perfect fuckbuddy is made of.

  1. Appearance

    There’s no question that girls on Instagram/Tinder/Snapchat always look better on those platforms. They’ve got editing of all kinds and enough sunny-looking filters to block out the sun, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they have some bad angles in real life.

    The pain you experience when a girl shows up to meet you in the sheets, and she’s not everything her photos said she was, is unparalleled. It’s so disappointing, and you’re just so horny. It’s a tough call.

    Honestly, every time that situation comes about in my life, I always follow through, but when it’s awful… you just gotta back out. Maybe not in a way that makes you seem like a total fuckin’ scumbag. It’s usually best to take your phone out and pretend to have an emergency. Scummy, I know, but not that bad.

    I wish girls and guys alike would just upload honest photos that make them look how they look in the wild.

    The ideal fuckbuddy would snapchat the ever-living shit out of you for every waking moment until you guys meet up and send you a picture of her face. That’s it. Just face pictures are enough to give your partner an honest look at what’s going on.

  2. No Strings

    The whole point of a fuckbuddy is literally “a friend that you fuck” so if you ever get a fuckbuddy that wants to do everything besides sex, you might be in trouble.

    When you think about it, fucking a girl and then hanging out with her all day and fucking her again and going to her cousin’s graduation and picking her up from the airport isn’t really a “fuckbuddy” scenario. If that’s what your fuckbuddy has been doing with you then pal, you might be in a committed relationship.

    Obviously I’m exaggerating, but in reality, some girls will ultimately end up falling for you, and you just might fall for them too. It sucks, but it’s unavoidable. When people fuck, they catch feelings – It’s just science.

    The ideal fuckbuddy would never rely on you in any way whatsoever. They would also never get too personal about anything in particular like your childhood or your hopes and dreams. It’s just not professional.

    You need to find a girl that wants to run red lights and fuck. No commitment. No expectations. Just sex.

  3. Willing to Explore

    If you want to be the perfect fuckbuddy, then you need to learn to adapt to the grim reality that we know as ‘sexual disinterest.’ It means that when two people have sex they have a lot of fun, but nothing gold can stay, because the excitement just gets lessened by the day.

    In order to keep things exciting, you might need to find new ways to please your man/woman. One of the best parts about having a fuckbuddy is the willingness of the partner to try new things.

    After a certain level of comfortability has been reached and the rules for casual sex have been laid down, you’re ready to start exploring. It’s also wise for you to invite her to do the same.

    After all, you don’t want a thumb in the ass if you weren’t asking for it.