One of the newest and most powerful facets of an effective marketing strategy is partnering with lifestyle influencers. Influencers are a new kind of business person and are unfamiliar to some – particularly older – crowds. Most influencers start out as someone who is not out to make money. The usually start uploading videos or blogging with little – or no – intent to building themselves up as a brand. However, as the views roll in and the follower count goes up they become internet superstars, and, more often than not, household names.

Mega-stars like Justin Bieber rose to fame through the internet so it’s not difficult to believe that it’s impossible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars – perhaps millions – by uploading 10 minute vlogs to YouTube.
Working with YouTube influencers is one of the ways you can make your marketing strategy extremely effective. However, you need to know a few things before you unleash the power of influencer marketing for your clients. Working with these people requires some guidance. As they are a new on the scene, one might not know how to go about making a deal with them. Here is a crash course in dealing with lifestyle influencers as a part of your dating affiliate marketing strategy:

1. Be Open-Minded

YouTube influencers might seem like a strange breed, but they have an immense amount of influence – hence the title “influencers”. Their craft may seem strange and even amateurish to you at first but keep in mind that these people don’t have millions of followers for nothing. These people have an understanding of their audience and of the internet that most people lack – which is why not everyone can achieve the same level of viral success that they do.

So be Open-Minded and embrace the quirkiness. And when you do end up working with them, make sure you let them have some control over the content. These are extremely creative – one might say brilliant – minds. They know what they’re doing. Even if their ideas seem ridiculous, unprofessional, or strange, trust them. They understand what gets views and what doesn’t.

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

While your chosen influencer might spend more time in a matted wig and smeared lipstick than normal clothes in their videos, they are still deserving of your upmost respect. While YouTubers may seem like they are nowhere near mainstream media, they are becoming the mainstream.

More and more people consume YouTube content with each passing day.

When working with influencers understand that while they may not be on your TV screen doesn’t mean they are not still a) highly valuable, b) fantastic business people, or c) on their way to the silver screen. Treat them with respect and pay them fairly.

3. Content > Subscribers

While it may seem like you should be going after YouTubers’ with the highest subscriber count, you should be paying more attention to their content. For instance, if you are doing affiliate marketing for a business that has more to do with fitness than videogaming, PEWDIEPIE – who is one of, if not the, most watched YouTuber – should not be your first choice.

You should go after smaller fitness channels or even someone like Casey Neistat, who is a filmmaker but an avid runner!

Again, content is more important than views. Because I guarantee all the gamers watching PEWDIEPIE are going to be extremely uninterested in protein powder or sportswear.