5 Best Places to Tailgate

5 Best Places to Tailgate

Some may think tailgating is a forgotten celebration, only resurrected when the super bowl comes around.

In reality, there are plenty of stadiums and parks that offer fun tailgating scenarios all year along. After close examination of the most fun tailgating areas, we have come up with a list of 5 of our favorite ones.

1.Bars of all kind before the Super Bowl

In 2003 there was a ban put on stadium homes that held the super bowl that issued no more tailgating prior to the event.

This was due to the rowdiness, violence and fights that broke out prior to the biggest TV event of the year.

In 2011 the ban was revisited, in hopes that we could bring back the tailgate party but nothing has budged since.

So the alternative is a little bit tamer but arguably more fun. Bars tend to hold huge parties that rack in a lot of cash for this huge event. Find out what local bars around you are having parties and get there a few hours before the event actually starts.

Make sure to bring plenty of tailgating beer or snacks because the bar may not be providing prior to the event.

2. USC

Although when thinking college tailgating you may picture a more south setting in the U.S. Contrary to popular belief this Southern California school sure knows how to party.

The kids at this place tend to have money and a can-do attitude. This means loud music, good food, lots of beer and lots of party games. Be sure you have enough energy to keep up with these wealthy party animals if this is where you are choosing to tailgate.

3. Boulder, Colorado

If you search Boulder tailgating on Instagram, your search will instantly become swarmed with pictures of frat guys and sorority girls having the times of their lives. If you attend one of these events then you will see why it is all smiles.

The beautiful Rockies are surrounding you while the sweet smell of legal marijuana lingers in the air. Although these students may not be as outgoing as those at a Southern California event, they are sure to raise your spirits.

If you are attending one of these events, be sure to bring a laid back attitude and some quality IPA brews.

4. Ole’ Miss

Here is the stereotypical, tailgate that pops into your head when you hear the tailgate party.

The University of Missouri is known for its southern touch on everything that they do. So bring on the 30 racks and the cornhole.

Here you will be sure to find a variety of bbq food and be surrounded by Magnolia trees, some even say that is the most beautiful spot to tailgate in America. The stadium is called the grove and fits all your southern fantasies.

The only catch about this one is that people wear fancy clothes other than shorts and a sports tee.

5. University of Alabama

This is where you go if you are looking for some true school spirit. If you have never heard or seen the word ‘rolltide’ be prepared to be screaming it alongside students in these stands.

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