5 Things to Remember When Tailgating

5 Things to Remember When Tailgating

Tailgating may seem like a self-explanatory event, but there are many small details that could ruin your whole tailgating experience.

Beer, boots and barfing are all things that can make or break this day. So this guide is how to not be the Dave who ruins this event for everyone.

1.Charge your phone

This is crucial. Do not be the person who gets lost because your phone isn’t alive. This is true for everyone.

If you get lost prior to going in and your friends can not find you then they have to wait for you to go in. Your friends will hate you for the rest of the day if they choose to wait.

‘And if they bite their pride and go in without you then you are left drunk, stranded and alone the rest of the day.

2. Enough beer for you and your friends

Do not assume that your crappy six-pack is going to be enough to keep you and your friends happy. Especially do not assume that this amount of beer allows you to have rights to your friends Whiskey.

You already spent 300 on this game day ticket, you can afford the 25 dollars it takes to get you and all your friends drunk.

3. Eat

A breakfast full of carbs is not to be skipped today. If you do not eat enough then the alcohol will destroy you and you will not be able to make it throughout the whole day.

Eating mid-drink binge is also not a bad idea. There will most likely be food at this event so be sure to chow down on whatever is being offered off of the BBQ.

4. Snacks

Speaking of food, it is also important that you bring things that you can contribute to throwing on the grill. Remember no one at this event cares if you are gluten-free or vegan. So be sure to bring something that suits your dietary needs.

This being said, make sure you don’t bring something embarrassing like kale or gluten-free pretzels that you want to be thrown on there. No one else will eat it, you will look lame for bringing it and will be too embarrassed to whip it out anyway.

5. Watch your consumption

Remember this is an all-day event and you are going to be drinking for many hours and will look extremely lame if you pass out at the pregame.

This can be avoided by not only eating but ensuring that you are not trying to show off how much you can drink right off of the bat.

Remember tailgating is a marathon, not a race.

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