EZ Battery Reconditioning Program – My Honest Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning has caused quite a lot of stir in the DIY industry.


  • Is it a scam?
  • Does EZ Battery Reconditioning program work?
  • What is the secret or protocol behind this method?

Well, let’s find out!

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review – All You Need to Know

As you already know, it is surely impossible in this Life that there is no one on this Earth who has not experienced the frustrations that having a flat battery brings.

It feels as if your life gets put on hold, that everything takes a step backward when a battery has no more life in it anymore or has gone flat.

And because they can be pretty expensive to buy new, and you don’t have any magic wand to wave over it to bring it back to life, it can leave you feeling enraged and frustrated.

There are thousands of people who can probably testify that they were late for meetings because of a flat battery, etc.

Of course, in physical life, if our own bodily ‘battery’ feels flat, we know how sluggish and almost depressed we feel.

In fact we would love the doctor to tell us that we need “plenty of vitamin Sea” and rest to bring us back to our old selves again!

So naturally, we know what it feels like when the batteries in our busy lives let us down.

A solution has been found!

Did you know that you can tuck away those frustrations and fury caused by a flat battery firmly behind you from now on?

Two guys, Tom and Frank, who have been through the same frustrations you have – flat batteries – have created something that you are all going to want to snatch up immediately.

It’s a reconditioner that brings dead batteries back to life, restoring them to how they were when first you got them! Eager to know what it’s called?

Let us introduce you to the EZ Battery Reconditioning System.

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Well, it’s an online program, based on a very simple idea and that is to restore old batteries and extend their lifespan. 

It’s an online course, but a step-by-step one, to help all those millions of people to restore their batteries, making use of readily available materials to do just that. 

The term of restoring batteries is known as battery reconditioning.

Did you know that battery degradation is actually a chemical problem?

Simply put, a typical battery has 2 major components inside it; the anode and the cathode – these are known as electrodes, and they make up what most of us know and that is the positive and negative terminals.

These are usually found inside an electrolyte and through which the ions to charge the battery flows.

When the battery is charging, it kind of ‘takes’ its energy from the flow of ion charges

Therefore it actually reverses the flow from the ions, so that eventually they lose their ability to hold the strong charge over time.

Charging up a battery on a regular basis eventually wears out the electrodes.

The battery just continues to become degraded.

But now, along comes EZ Battery Reconditioning.

They have created this whole process whereby the worn-out electrodes get rejuvenated, which naturally improves their potential to recharge those ions that are flowing through.

This helps the battery to last longer.

This is the bottom line!

Basically, when you recondition your old batteries, you save yourself money because you won’t need to replace the old battery immediately it starts becoming flat and starts dying out.  

When you know how to recondition a battery from the online course, you could actually start making a very profitable venture out of this whole concept. 

The EZ Battery Reconditioning course will show you just how.

Who thought up this amazing product?

Well, it’s a guide, actually, created by two guys, Frank Thompson and Tom Ericson.

These two men met when Frank walked into where Tom was working, at a golf cart company – which golf carts work off batteries.

Frank was running a battery reconditioning and servicing business out in South Carolina. He would go around to businesses he knew and haul their old dead batteries away for free.

Then he would later recondition them, selling them later and making a nice profit for himself. 

He was busy collecting the old batteries at Tom’s place one day when they got chatting.

Tom wondered why Frank collected the batteries; he was keen to know what Frank did with them.

Frank was willing to share his information with Tom. Tom later asked Frank if Frank would help him to create an easy step-by-step guide about reconditioning batteries.

Fortunately Frank, after some arm twisting, agreed, eventually loving the idea.

From thereon, they become partners in their business, going on to design and create the course – the EZ Battery Reconditioning System.

We can thank them!

What’s more?

Batteries are consumables; but as with all consumables, the performance of a battery will degrade over time.

Actually, a battery starts losing some of its storage capacity every time it goes through a charging cycle.

 So you can imagine that over time, it will hold less charge as it gets older.

Eventually, at the end, it will reach a point where it will only offer you a tiny bit of charge compared to what it was like when it was new and charged up.

And you know what people usually do with a battery when it lets them down; they realize right there and then they have to buy a new battery if they want any oomph in their car again.

Basically, the old battery gets discarded – out with the old and in with the new.

But there’s one drawback here – they are pretty expensive as you know.

The time arrived when Jeff and Frank realized that a ‘magical’ solution was required so they did just that; they created the EZ Battery reconditioning guide for all of us to start benefiting from

They created their guide, 21 chapters, teaching everybody how to revive old batteries.

It probably sounds pretty complicated to you, why bother, right?

But hang on; this guide is apparently done in easy to understand language that everyone will find easy to understand – it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure it out!

The two guys haven’t left anything out!

Just look at some top factors discussed in the 21 chapters that will surely convince you to buy the e-book:

  • The eBook outlines all the necessary tools you will need for the regeneration and where you can find the cheapest tools for the job.
  • The two guys describe how you will test a battery and reveal just how much of the old battery can be restored – you will get information so that you will know which batteries aren’t even worth restoring; and which are.
  • Then they will guide you through the whole regeneration process.

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This program won’t benefit you if…

1) You like to watch but don’t like to read

Some people like to watch someone demonstrating a product with a manual in front of them and not online.

But sadly, the course offered doesn’t come in video format online. 

There are free videos that show trailers for the course itself that you can watch, but none of the actual programs are available as videos. 

The EZ Reconditioning guide is an eBook, in PDF format. 

As mentioned previously, the instructions and diagrams are simple enough to understand. 

For some people, the physical book with someone actually showing them the ropes is what they really want, and so an eBook can be a bit of a deterrent to them.

2) You don’t have the time and patience to make it work

If you haven’t got a whole lot of time and dedication to this course, it might not be for you – because it does require effort and time from you. 

If you can’t be bothered with it, or you don’t want to invest in it, it won’t be worth your while.

The instructions are simple, sure, but actually doing everything, you will find, can be more difficult than is implied.

3) You don’t like to work directly with batteries

This program requires you to work directly with batteries, so there might be some safety and health issues along the way.

Batteries have lead content and sulfuric acid in them plus a couple of other harmful chemicals that you can come into contact with. 

If you are still eager to do this, wear protective gear and work in a well-aired room to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

What I Dislike About EZ Battery Reconditioning

1) Safety Precautions…

Safety precautions will be required because reconditioning batteries require care and total concentration

Dealing with acidic solutions and electricity aren’t good combinations.

There are also leads and other metals that can harm the environment, as well as your body.

You need to ensure that you dispose of batteries carefully.

2) Perseverance and time are required…

Even though the steps are easy to revive dead batteries you will need time and effort to perform the tasks.

When you are following the step by step process and your first trial doesn’t work out properly, you will need more tests to be done until you are able to bring back life to the battery.

You snooze on the job, you lose the opportunity.

3) Intricate Machinery can be Intimidating

Frankly, this reconditioning method of old batteries has been found to be quite appealing and acceptable in certain specialized communities…

…Where the methods used in the guide have been capable of saving these specialized communities thousands of dollars.

But consumers haven’t typically been taken up with the methods and it is reckoned that this might be because, for some, all that intricate machinery inside a car can be intimidating

This is despite the fact that the book breaks down the concept easily enough, allowing consumers to gain the knowledge needed to recondition the batteries.

So once again, this guide is a must-read if you really want to save money on expensive batteries into the future.

4) Not all Batteries Can Be Saved

And then people might be also put off a bit by the fact that unfortunately, not all batteries can be saved.

Some degenerate to the point where they can’t be used anymore. 

The program will help you to maximize the batteries you do own though, to get to their full potential. 

Some people claim that old batteries of 10 years have been capable of returning back to life.

What I Like About EZ Battery Reconditioning System

The following are just 5 of the many things I like about this program. 

1) Helps With Conservation Efforts

Helps with conservation efforts because the waste from batteries is significantly reduced because they are “recharged” again, preventing the number of times they are thrown to the soil, polluting it with;

  • Sulfuric acid
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • And a lot of other trace metals.

2) User Friendly…

It doesn’t require a whole lot of skills to accomplish the tasks because the steps are all straightforward, and the illustrations all help to make it easy to understand.

3) No Waiting Period for Shipping The Product to You

This is an online guide.

So when you are finished purchasing your product, you can get down to it straight away, getting access to it by downloading the pdf guide which is provided by Ezbatteryreconditioning.com.

There will also be additional bonuses if you go all out and purchase the entire package.

4) You Get Value for Money 

when you compare what it costs to buy a brand new battery and the price of what it costs to buy this guide, you will realize how much cheaper it turns out, by as much as 50 to 75% of the retail value

And then too, you get to start a battery reconditioning service; charging colleagues and friends and so earn even more from your course.

5) No Knowledge About Batteries Required

You don’t have to know anything about batteries to benefit from this product.

You will learn everything from the guide.

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Features Of The Product That Make it So Beneficial…

  • You can learn how to double the life of batteries.
  • You have the advantage of a lifetime updated card, as a member when new types of batteries hit the scene.
  • You can have the pleasure of enjoying all the benefits by making just a once-off payment of the program.
  • What you get is lifetime access to the member’s area, New, and free, battery reconditioning guides, bonuses, and videos added to the member’s area each month, your own VIP newsletter with guides and videos, etc. to download, plus the “Double the Life of your Batteries” mini-course.
  • It’s a one-time payment – no hidden fees.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • 100% secure online orderings (protected by 128 SSL).
  • No recurring fees or other hidden fees.
  • You can make a decent profit selling this product from the information you garnered from the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program.

Makes you want to buy the product, doesn’t it?

You can, right now!

Click here to get started right away! 

It’s easy, with all the right prompts, you won’t miss them.

Testimonial/Reviews From Customers

Statistics show that well over 19,000 people have had success in reviving old batteries.

So far, people working for EZ Battery Reconditioning haven’t come forward with their findings, but customers who have bought the course are very satisfied with their success after following the methods outlined in the course. 

They have proved that EZ Battery Reconditioning system indeed works.

Let’s check out what reviewers say about it…

This book saved me a lot of money. I was about to bin a bunch of batteries that I thought were completely dead. 

But in a stroke of luck, a friend recommended this course just before I actually did it. 

Your technique helped me bring them back to life and save about a couple hundred dollars in less than an hour!!

Tom Brunson, Clearfield, UT

EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide is very easy to follow. I just got it and was able to restore a couple of car batteries back to life. Thanks!

Frank Murray, San Diego, US

In Conclusion…

When all is said and done, the final conclusion is that this product is absolutely worth a try.

Basically it’s not a lot of money to purchase the product, which you will probably get back quickly once you are up and running an “in business”. 

Yes, it sometimes is met with a bit of skepticism and some people do think it’s all just too good to be true, and just want to dismiss it. 

There are others who are keen to give it a try, and many find from reviews, that they got what was advertised. 

You get valuable tips if you are an amateur on how to use a multimeter; for instance to figure out if the old battery can be reconditioned or not.

You are helped along the way, too.

You are given details where you can source for inexpensive old batteries to restore for yourself. 

Remember how Frank collected them?

For instance, your friends with solar panel batteries at their homes – maybe you can be their answer to helping to restore them.

The course starts with a list of the materials you will need to start your battery restoring projects, moving on to explain the types of batteries you get today and then also how to distinguish the bad ones from the repairable ones.

So if you’re ready to experience the magic behind the EZ Battery Reconditioning system and give your old batteries a real charge…

Then click on the link below to get started today…

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Written by Johnny James
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