VertShock by Adam Folker – My FULL Comprehensive Review

This Vert Shock review came as a result of an endless determination to improve my dunk. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy my story…

You see, all my life, I have been on a quest for perfection.

I wanted to be the best in my high school graduating class, I wanted to attend the most competitive Ivy League college…

…I wanted to get the high-end salary after college and the list goes on and on.

So, every Saturday as I played basketball with my friends, I was dismayed that I could never get above the rim.

I watched in envy as my best friend, Andy effortlessly made those dunks and no matter how many times he showed me how to go about it, I failed at it.

I understand what that kind of failure feels like.

Being the last to be picked when random play was going on or always being left on the bench because the coach preferred the players who would shine on the court and make the team look good.

There is nothing attractive about being the less desired choice.

I wanted to be more.

 So, imagine my excitement when I got a solution to my ‘lack of dunking’ problem.

VertShock Review – The Solution…

After several false starts, I discovered this amazing 3-step jump training program tagged – Vert Shock which promised to add about 9-15 inches to my vertical jump in just about 8 weeks.

 “Oh, this must be one of those bogus claims,” I thought to myself and was about to ignore it.

 I had come to believe those who got those thrilling dunks were just born with the ability.

I didn’t believe anyone could teach me to do the same.

Until my eyes caught the name of the creator of the program.

Adam Folker, a former player in the NCAA Division I basketball who had advanced to play in the pros.

I was immediately drawn in because I realized I was about to learn at the feet of someone who had both the experience and knowledge to set my dunking skills on the upward move.

Why was the Vert Shock created?

You must be wondering why Adam bothered with creating the Vert Shock program since he was already a pro, aren’t you?

Well, he didn’t start as that perfect basketball player shining on the court.

Adam Folker was once the gangly kid in high school who was the tallest in his team at 6’4 yet he couldn’t get to dunk to save his life.


I had also once believed that I was having difficulty dunking because I wasn’t as tall as the other guys on my team but how wrong I was.

The Vert Shock program was created to prove that you can achieve dunking just like other acquired skills. It’s all dependent on your determination as a person to attain success.

Just like every other program, it’s only designed for specific people.

The VertShock program is not for the following persons: 

It’s important to identify your needs and goals before you get in too far.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not looking to excel at your dunking
  • You believe your shorter height will make it impossible for you to dunk
  • You are not ready to follow all the instructions to the letter.
  • You have an untreated injury
  • You want to stay ordinary

If you’re none of the above, then keep reading…

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What I Dislike About Vert Shock Program

Since I’m sticking to just the truth alone, I won’t deceive you that I liked everything about the Vert Shock program.

Here are some things I didn’t really like:

1) It is a digital program…

Come to think of it, there is nothing like hands-on training.

I’d like to have Adam Folker on the court with me showing me the steps to achieve the Vert Shock physically.

I mean that would be super awesome! 

But this program only offers Adam on-screen, shucks!

2) The lack of emphasis on fitness:

As much as you don’t have to have rippling muscles to be able to achieve the dunk, you can’t be wolfing down dozens of king-sized burgers and expect to achieve the promised results. 

I don’t like that the importance of fitness was downplayed in the program.

Trust me, you would need to be fit if you’re going to achieve anything close to a dunk.

3) The exact fix of a time frame

People are not the same.

This is what brings interesting uniqueness into the world.

The program fixes an exact time for you to achieve the vertical shock that improves your dunking skills.

However, some may achieve this faster and others at a slower rate.

If you belong to the latter group, it can be quite discouraging to keep at it before you hit success.

This aspect gave me a pause after purchasing the program.

I felt under-achieving when I didn’t get my first dunk in the first few weeks as some others had done.

4) Silence on the post-maintenance

Just like any skill, playing basketball and sustaining your dunking skill depends on consistent practice.

The program kind of remains silent on the things you will have to do to keep being a great dunker on the court. 

Adam kind of suggests that what your body has learned will be committed to memory but we know how the body can forget too.

What I like About The Vert Shock Program

Here comes the exciting part. 

There are so many things I like about this course.

So much that I don’t mind writing a 20-page book for it.

So the following are a few things I liked;

1) One-time payment…

Renewing subscriptions for products or programs can be such a bother especially when the cost digs a hole in your pocket.

So, it’s great that you only get to pay once for The Vert Shock program.

There are absolutely no hidden costs. 

This is not like all those products that claim to be free from the outset until you get into it and discover you would have to pay extra for some functions or upgrades.

This won’t happen on the Vert Shock program.

2) Short time requirement…

If you have a regular 9-5 job or even if you’re playing basketball professionally, it can get really difficult keeping up with a long training routine.

I find it a plus that The Vert Shock program only requires 30-40 minutes of training for four days a week.

 This means a busy schedule is no longer an excuse to remain ordinary on the court.

Imagine the look of surprise on your colleagues’ faces when you achieve that amazing dunk at your weekend games. 

They would probably think you had been holding some secret sessions with LeBron James.

3) Tons of Bonus Programs…

Everyone loves freebies!

I like that you are promised some bonus programs when you make your purchase within a particular time frame. 

These bonuses such as The Jumper’s Diet Checklist ensures you’re eating the right foods that will fuel your jumping prowess. 

The most attractive bonus for me is the – NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

This means I get a worldview into how the pros do their thing. 

It’s important to note that these bonuses are not like the case of getting worthless things for free.

The bonuses add to the whole experience of the Vert Shock program.

4) Teen-friendly

Many programs are either targeted at teenagers or adults.

It is not usual to find one that is inclusive of both groups.

It is great that parents can introduce their teenagers to The Vert Shock which can help them practically jumpstart their dunking and overall basketball skills. 

This will set these kids apart early on.

They might even end up with a college scholarship on account of the basketball skills that have been acquired from the program.  

I look forward to using this program with my teenage nephew who is becoming quite a thrill to watch on the court.

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What other people are saying about the Vert Shock program…

Before I commit to purchasing any products, I make sure to check out the testimonials.

You can never go wrong when you pay attention to what people who have used a product have to say about it. 

Out of the many testimonials I came across on their Facebook page, this particular one caught my eye:

Marc Hille

Hey guys, everybody who is out there and wants to increase his vertical should use VertShock as I can say that this was working for me.

I am now in 5th week of the program and finally dunked for the first time

For everybody who wants to do the same the program not only helps you to Dunk but also it makes you more athletic in everything you do on the court rebounds, defense, absorbing contact etc.).

Also, the workouts and exercises are very easy to do and you only need is some space outside or in the gym to do them. Every exercise is shown in a detailed video.

There is no doubt that Vert Shock is the fastest and easiest way to increase your vertical.

Thank you very much for creating this awesome program, Adam Folker.

This testimonial proves that Vert Shock works! 

This user has also confirmed my earlier speculation about the program concerning the difference in individual capability in succeeding at getting their first dunk.

 So you shouldn’t give up if you are not getting the expected results as quickly as others.

From this review, there are some obvious benefits of buying this program: 

  • The Vert Shock program does not just improve your dunks, it also helps you to be a better basketball player in general.
  • The workouts are simple and can be done in a home space or at the gym.
  • You don’t need any complicated tools to get the workout done.
  • The exercise routines are well explained in a detailed video. So, this doesn’t leave room for confusion.
  • The Vert Shock provides one of the fastest ways of achieving an increase in your vertical jump.

Insider Information on What to Watch

In this age of gimmicks on the worldwide web, it can really be hard to distinguish the real from the fake.

 These were some of the pointers that I used to sieve the Vert Shock program from the many phony offerings out there…

Is this program supported by a scientific background?

You know, anyone can make claims on what works but there is a chance they are getting the results because of personal uniqueness and not necessarily because it’s a proven method that works.

With Vert Shock, it was easy to find a reassuring backing through the link of the Vert Shock program with the research done by a Russian Sports Scientist – Dr Verkhoshansky who discovered the ‘shock method’ in the 1960s to improve the technique of the Russian athletes at the High Jump during the Olympics.

This method targeted the elastic fibers in the body and resulted in Russia’s consecutive wins at the Olympics. 

I believe this alone verifies the integrity of the program’s creator because he didn’t try to make this all about himself. 

Does it sound too good to be true or a scam? 

I went through all the details on the program checking if they included any unrealistic claims

You can never go wrong with this as if it sounds too good to be true, that is likely the case.

Does the product/program offer a sneak peek? 

Nobody really wants to go into a purchase blindfolded.

Getting a feel of what you’re spending your money on is a good thing.

I quickly noticed that apart from the description of the program at each stage, there were videos of past users achieving their current amazing dunks

You may even sight someone with the same limitations as you and learn from their experience. 

What platform does the program use? 

It was unclear at first glance whether this program as many others comes in PDFs and DVDs until I got to the FAQ section and had my question answered.

The Vert Shock program is hosted on a portal where you get lifetime access to the materials.

I was conflicted about this at first since like many others I would rather have physical possession of my purchase but on further reflection, I realized it actually ensures you don’t lose access.

DVDs get lost all the time.

Your friend or sibling who doesn’t want to make a purchase may just decide to make away with your copy. 

Do you get the full picture now?

With your login details, your access remains secure

Ready to get started? 

After I had digested all the cool benefits of the Vert Shock program, I hurried to speed-scroll to the end of the page. 

I was worried such a packed program might be too expensive for me to afford.

My fears were confirmed in a moment, then after a few seconds, I let out a puff of relief.

The reason for my fear: the whole program plus the extra bonuses was worth a flipping some hundreds of dollars!  

This cost after several deductions went down.

But if you don’t delay while the risk-free trial is still on, you might qualify for a 50% slash off the price. 

That’s a great deal, you shouldn’t miss it.

Does it come with a guarantee?

You must be used to several online product sellers or creators of programs disappearing after they make huge sales

There is often no one to turn to for complaints related to the product and many do not come with a return policy.

This type of experience is bound to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

With the Vert Shock program, you get a 60-day plus 100% money-back guarantee!

So, you don’t have to worry about bearing all the risks. 

Bonuses! Bonuses! Bonuses!

I already hinted earlier at the mouth-watering bonuses that come with the Vert Shock program offer. 

But I didn’t mention that the program comes with ten bonuses!

Some of which include:

  • The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher ($25.00 Value)
  • The Vert Shock Maintenance Program ($39.00 Value)
  • The ‘Dunk Now’ Visualization Workout ($26.00 Value)

Where to make your purchase?

There may be sites claiming to be affiliated to the program or even possible fake doubles of the program. 

So, you should only make a purchase on the authorized website provided by the program’s creator. 

That will be

You should be confident to pay with your credit card as the payment gateway is secure and you will have no problems with future unauthorized withdrawals from your card.

My Verdict

If you have followed me up to this stage, it proves you’re very serious about becoming a super dunker.

You may decide to put this off till later, but guess what?

You will still suck at this game month to come.

So why don’t you just get into action and claim all the awesomeness you can attract to your gameplay?

The Vert Shock is a great program that has been designed for basketball players who want to take their dunking skills up to the highest notch.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing at the amateur or pro level, the program would push you until you reach above the rim.

Don’t be that person who gets stuck in the rut of self-doubt – ‘what if I don’t get better?’ 

Rather, you should ask – ‘what if I don’t try?

The road to becoming a highly rated dunker awaits.

All you have to do is take the first step…

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Written by Johnny James
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